The Original Crywolf Mask

The original mask. It was such a trip to hold this thing in my hands for the first time, after only having it as this digital image for so long. That was before I had even played my first live set. What a trip. This thing was used in the Anachronism video, The Hunger In Your Haunt video, all of the live visuals for my tours up until This Is Negative Space, and has been blasted up on 30 foot screens at every festival I’ve played. (Did you know some of the shots of the mask with smoke coming out of it are actually Tal from Echos wearing it, vaping so hard he almost passed out?)

This is probably the single most important item in the Crywolf world, and I’m honored to give it a final resting place with one of you, the people who support me the most and have enabled me to make the art I always dreamed of.

⁃Portion of proceeds goes to suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

⁃Comes with personal typewritten note from Justin

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